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Smart Auto Fx is a mobile body shop service offering trade and private customers the opportunity to save up to 70% on traditional repair costs.  An average job takes 2-4 hours at your home or work place which makes this service very convenient.

This means you do not need to leave your car at the garage for several days whilst repairs are being undertaken.

In most cases the repair costs are less than your excess not to mention increases in your annual premium if claims are made.  Even when it comes to lease returns our repairs are cost effective compared to unfair  fees for minor scuffs and scratches.


Bumper Scuffs

Stone Chips

Minor Bodywork Damage

Vandal Key Scratches

Supermarket Car Park Damage

Body Kit Damage

Mirror Casing

Machine Polishing(scratched & faded paintwork referb)

Colour Coding

(door handles,grills,mirror casings)

With over 15 years experience we will guarantee all our repairs for 2 years but the paint will never fade or flake and will last the life of the car!

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